1. Lung sounds collected during auscultation

Recording sounds with an off-the-shelf digital stethoscope, connected toourapp(as self-check or assisted by health professional or next-of-keen).

2. Data analyzedautomatically

Lung sounds are automatically sent to the cloud where algorithms detect wheezes, crackles, normal sounds and breathing phases. The findings are presented in the app in a summary form.

3. Save and compare from day-to-day

The summary of findings is saved in the patient's profile. The historic chart shows if there's more or less abnormality than usual. API to further share and combine with other data.

Product Benefits

  • Developed on a large expert-annotated dataset from a population study in Norway
  • Accuracy of detecting wheezes / crackles / normal and breathing phases around 90%
  • All abnormal sounds are highlighted for intuitive guidance.
  • Multiple examples as well as quizzes.
  • Split into modules for self-paced learning and testing.
  • All materials developed and reviewed in collaboration with lung sounds experts.
** you will need a stethoscope with recording function if you want to record and upload your own files

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